Back Tracks

Some new tunes ( some of them going back to 1995 ) are now on my Recordings page.  More to come as I work my way through  20 years of demos.



After a break of nearly 38 years, Pete has a hare – brained idea to put the band back together for one party, his  and Rick’s ( one day apart ) 60th show. I said yeah ok Pete. Where should we start? Anyway people were contacted and found again and all said yes! We even have Pat, our songlist go to guy/manager/roadie/security and perhaps Pierre for slides/lights/atmosphere. I been feeling a buzz and picking out bits and pieces of songs and thinking what a GREAT bunch of covers we did back then. Watching the originals on youtube and learning little bits I should have been doing as well. I love a “project” and I am looking forward to this one.





original music